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Photophone (Camera-Phone)
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photophone, the camera phone, for digital still photos

Selected reponses from:
Asulab S.A. / NG. Hayek

gif The world's first camera phone - October 12, 1998

1 The Idea
2 Introducing the Photophone
Existing Technology
4 Enjoy your Photophone
5 Pictures

THE technology of the Photophone can store up to two high-quality pictures. It's also equipped with a photo button to take pictures. Any Photophone can send and recive pictures.

SENDING snap-shots throught the Internet (by dialing your personal provider) you can stock them on computers all around the world.

A picture requires little bytes, it can be easily sent via phone and it takes just a bunch of seconds to download a file into a computer.

camera phone for digital still photos

DISCOVER the full capacity of the Photophone.